Andrew McManus : A Career Not Without Struggle

Andrew McManus is a highly experienced, highly successful concert promoter currently operating within the country of Australia. He is currently the owner and founder of his own entertainment company called McManus Entertainment and specializes in booking big names within the professional music industry to headline concerts and music festivals in Australia. He is also the owner of the music festival images_5Raggamuffin Music Festival. The music festival is devoted to Andrew’s favorite genre of music: reggae. The festival is currently in its eighth year and plans to add hip-hop artist Ice Cube to its main stage. His success in the music industry can be attributed to his philosophy never to give up no matter the adversity he may face, and his passion for the music industry itself.

Andrew McManus has made his successful career look all too easy to the outside observer. However, as it rarely is the case in the music industry, his career was anything but easy. Andrew freely admits that his career has been full of adversity and personal battles climbing up and down the latter of success. Just like the musicians he helps promote shows for, his career has been full of highs and lows.


Andrew McManus has a personal philosophy that he lives by that has kept him focused on his goal within the music industry. Never give up, no matter the obstacle or person in the way telling you that you can’t do something. That you can’t live the life you want doing what you love. No matter what happened to Andrew through out his career, he always kept his love for music on the horizon and never wavered in his goals.